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  HAWK 5000
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HAWK 5000 Mobile Radio
A dash mount radio housed in a substantial extruded aluminum heat sink to provide up to 50 Watts of RF power in a compact physical size. Designed primarily for front mounting in a taxi or saloon car, it is equally suitable for use with Lorries or fork lift trucks. Its small size, integral speaker and easy removal mounting bracket means it can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle whilst its large internal option space enables it to be fitted with a variety of add on units to extend its functionality.
Using the latest DSP technology the radio offers multimode capability whilst offering the user true value for money.
  • Multimode capability - PMR and MPT trunked, P25 conventional & trunked.

  • Single unit construction with integral loudspeaker.

  • Choice of 25 or 40/50 Watt RF output.
  • Multi colour LCD backlighting, indicates RX/TX/Receiving signal modes.
  • 1,000 channel capability – 64 zones of 16 channels (P25)
  • 66 to 500 MHz in various banded versions.
  • Built-in modem offers data capability.
  • Range of option board – GPS, 600Ohm, Encryption.
  • Programmable function buttons
  • 12 digit numeric keypad
  • Specification
    Frequency Range
    (1) 66-88 MHz (2) 136-174 MHz
    (3) 174-208 MHz (4) 208-245 MHz
    (5) 335-395 MHz (6) 400-480 MHz
    (7) 440-500 MHz (8) 440-520MHz
    Channel Spacing
    12.5, 20, or 25 KHz programmable
    Number of Channels
    Conventional PMR 1000
    MPT 1024
    Antenna Impedance
    50Ω, BNC
    Inputs / Outputs
    Ignition-sense; PTT; Carrier detect On/Off
    Operating Temperature
    -30℃ ~ +60℃
    -40℃ ~ +80℃ (Storage)
    Dimension (mm)
    CE Compliance
    EN 300 086; EN 300 113
    EN 300 219; EN 301 279
    High/Low Temp., Humidity,
    Vibration, Salt Fog, Shock,
    Dust, Rain
    Frequency Stability
    Output Power
    1W to 25W selectable per Ch.
    1W to 40W selectable per Ch.
    2 Separate levels selectable
    Duty Cycle
    1 minute transmit
    4 minute receive
    Audio Distortion
    <3% at 1KHz, 60% Deviation
    Audio Frequency Response
    +1dB to -3dB of pre-emphasised
    300 to 3000Hz on 25KHz channel
    300 to 2550Hz on 12.5KHz channel
    Transmit Receiver Time
    Spurious Emissions


    0.25 μV for 12dB SINAD
    ≧65dB(ETS method)
    ≧70dB(EIA method)
    Audio Frequency Response
    +1dB to -3dB of de-emphasised
    300 to 3000Hz on 25KHz channel
    300 to 2550Hz on 12.5KHz channel
    Audio Output
    4W into 4Ω at <5% distortion
    (link for 10W into 8Ω)
    >95dB at +/- 1 MHz
    Hum and Noise
    Image Rejection
    Trunking Operation
    MPT 1327/1343 (1024 channels)
    250 entry phone book
    Normal, Priority, Emergency, Group, Broadcast, Diversion, Busy and Queued Status Calls Abbreviated Dialling
    P25 Upgradeable
    P25 compliant
    64 zones of 16 channels
    Voting / Scanning
    1000 channel pool
    DES-OFB and AES Encryption
    Individual Calls
    Emergency Calls
    Analog mode CTCSS / DCS / DTMF/Scrambler
    Standard Package
  • Microphone handset with PTT (full keypad available as option)

  • 2 x 12 Characters graphic LCD with multi-color backlight

  • 5 function buttons (programmable) 1 on/off power button with rotary volume control

  • DB25 Connector

  • Internal 4-watt loudspeaker
  • Specification subjected to be changed without notice