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GT-8000 TETRA hand portable
The GT-8000 GPS handset is a fully featured TETRA hand portable with an integral high sensitivity GPS engine and the ability to support AIE and E2E encryption systems.
Developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of traditional PMR user organizations, the GT-8000 is rugged and reliable to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. Suitable for use by the public safety and utility sectors, military, transport and emergency service or anywhere where peak performance is an absolute necessity.
Major Features
  • Large high visibility colour LCD screen

  • Side and bottom mounted accessory connectors

  • Dedicated emergency call button with programmable call destination and
    GPS location.

  • End to End and Air interface encryption supported

  • Multiple languages support

  • High quality audio

  • Fully integrated high-accuracy GPS module and built-in antenna

  • Customisable intuitive menu navigation

  • Co-worker location GPS feature

  • Dedicated keys for loudspeaker muting, changing mode (TMO to DMO),
    making a priority call or making a dispatcher call

  • Built-in battery charger
  • Specifications
    Dimensions HxWxD mm
    150x34x35 (with std battery)
    Weight (g)
    315g (with standard battery)
    Battery Type & Capacity
    Standard Li-Ion (1750mAh)
    Battery Life
    Up to 20 hours
    User Interface
    Colour Display
    Portrait 240x320 pixel screen with 65,536 colours.
    Large text when dialling
    Talk Groups – TMO
    Up to 64 from a list of 2000
    Talk Groups – DMO
    64 groups
    Contact List
    Up to 3 numbers per entry: ISSI; PABX; PSTN
    Status Messages
    Country Code/ Network Code list
    10 pairs
    Operating Temperature°C
    -25 to +55
    Storage Temperature°C
    -40 to +85
    Dust and Water Ingress
    IP 54 (EN 60529: 1992 (IEC 529 1989))
    Shock and Drop
    IEC 60068-2-32
    IEC 60068-2-64
    RF Specifications
    Frequency Bands; MHz
    350 - 370
    370 - 400
    400 - 430
    450 - 470
    806 - 869
    RF Channel Bandwidth; kHz
    TX/RX Separation; MHz
    10 (350-370)
    45 (806-869)
    Switching Bandwidth TMO MHz
    30 (350-470)
    19 (806-825, 851-869)
    Switching Bandwidth DMO MHz
    30 (350-470)
    19 (851-869)
    RF Power Control
    3 steps of 5dB
    Transmitter RF Power Watt
    1 (optionally 3W with 400MHz)
    RF Power Level Accuracy +/-dB
    Receiver Class
    Receiver Static Sensitivity dBm
    -112 minimum (-115 typical)
    Receiver Dynamic Sensitivity dBm
    -103 minimum (-107 typical)
    RF Conformance
    EN 300 394-1
    EMC Conformance
    EN 301 489-1 and -18
    ESD Conformance
    EN 61000-4-2:1998
    Integrated GPS Specifications
    GPS Antenna
    Built into the handset
    -152dBm / -182dBW
    5 meter (50% probable)*
    10 meter (95% probable)*
    Air Interface
    TEA1, 2 or 3**